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Jax Pest Control
The Leader in Commercial Pest Control.

With over 100 years of combined experience our team has protected every type of business. We provide a custom evaluation of your unique situation and propose a solution appropriate for your industry and your budget.

Our Commercial Services team is dedicated to providing an unmatched, elite level of service to commercial clients. We know your reputation and your livelihood depend on competent, reliable results. Let’s face it… Florida bugs are everywhere and the last place you want to see them is anywhere near your customers.

Responsive, Vigilant, Effective… we know what you need.

It is simple… get rid of bugs. That is what you deserve and should demand from your pest control service. We get it. We deliver it. No excuses. No problems… simply results.

Did we mention affordability?

Flexible Solutions.

Restaurants, hotels, retail stores, wharehousing, distribution, professional services, medical offices… you get the idea… we handle it all.

Each business has unique needs, but all businesses have a common problem… how to keep the nasty bugs away.

We have solutions for every business and every size. We create customized, flexible, and affordable programs for every business in every industry.

Our commercial services team is ready… are you?

Pest Removal

We get rid of the existing pests so that they cannot breed and add to the problem in the future.


Pest Control

After we eliminate the current pests we create protective barriers that reduce the probability that new pests will find refuge in your business.

We don’t want pests to feel welcome so we roll up the welcome mat..

Termite Control

We offer both seven year and ten year treatment programs for commercial clients.

Our treatment regimes include both Premise and Termidor.

Fly Control

We analyze the environment, make recommendations about how to reduce the attraction of vagrant flies, and we install the most effective solution for each situation.

Solutions include baiting, liquid treatments, and light traps.

Mosquito Control

Call for a FREE ESTIMATE. Every situation is different and each municipality has different laws and regulations. We are the experts and we will create a solution for your home.

We also make recommendations about things you can do to reduce available habitats for Mosquitos.

Rodent Control

We are up to speed on the latest tools and techniques.

We place rodent capture stations at the most likely and effective locations to insure maximum effectiveness

Spider Control and Web Removal

While spider infestations are less common they do arise and we know what to do.

We remove the webs and apply the appropriate solutions to eliminate habitation.

Bee Control

Bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and daubers all create similar problems.

Each situation is different and we customize the solution to the situation.

Ant Control

Caribbean crazy ants, Argentine ants, and Pharaoh ants all pose problems and we know how to solve those too.

Just give us a call.

Bird Control

Birds are nice when they are not flocking in your trees and leaving their mess on your driveways, walkways, and vehicles. Different birds require different solutions.

We have all of those solutions ready to go.

Bed Bug Detection & Eradication

We kill bed bugs.

We know you hate them and we hate them too!